How Sessions Are Delivered


At Intel the Center’s workshops are available in the traditional classroom format as well on the Center’s virtual platform.


The Center delivers high-value training events focused on practical methods, tools and techniques that are immediately applicable to the Intel work environment.


The Center’s training events are highly interactive, team-based experiences. We integrate Intel projects into the curriculum, thereby creating a hands-on, relevant learning experience.


Every workshop includes group exercises and Center-designed templates which serve as learning aids and job tools. The Center’s template content enables consistent application at Intel and is based on PMBOK best practices. We offer a variety of options to meet your training needs.


  • Introductory topics
  • Fundamentals
  • Advanced topics
  • Leadership topics
  • Series programs
  • Certification topics


We deliver to IT professionals, business professionals, and cross-functional audiences spanning the diverse needs of Intel.

  • CXOs
  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Leaders
  • Portfolio managers
  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Team members
  • Individual contributors


To address logistical and customization needs, the Center’s curriculum is modular and flexible. We welcome the opportunity to tailor, customize, and integrate your existing processes into our content.