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Our Mission: To optimize skills and core business processes necessary to produce maximum business value.

Our Philosophy: Projects are business investments and should be managed accordingly.

CPM provides innovative and practical solutions for meeting management challenges for the private, public sector, and individuals. CPM’s methodology, training programs, and professional services are predicated on the idea that if it does not have strong usability, it is not of value to our customers. Our unique approach to providing strategic and practical solutions to complex business challenges has earned CPM an enduring reputation for thought leadership.

Founded in 1976 by Gopal Kapur, CPM engages holistically with a blend of professional services, training programs, project staffing, portfolio & project management tool implementation, and content licensing services. Our approach enables CPM to address cross-boundary initiatives, as well as, program and project management issues at every level—from the executive committee to the operations staff.

Headquartered in San Ramon, California, CPM serves the Fortune 500 and public sector, with clientele spanning 24 countries across dozens of industries. We conduct annual management surveys, author books, articles, reports, and white papers; many of which serve as reference models for our clients.