What Our Clients Say

“The response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. Gopal did an excellent job… he is a witty individual and adds a sense of humor and some fun to the session. His subject matter was bang on target. We at Fidelity are very critical about how we spend our time and this was felt to be an excellent use of our time.”

Richard Dion, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Fidelity Investments

“UC Berkeley Extension is very pleased to partner with the Center for Project Management to offer Leadership and Portfolio Management and Disruptive Leadership in its lineup of spring courses. The Center’s perspective and delivery approach are very compatible with the U.C. Berkeley Extension’s goals and standards for continuing professional education for project Managers.  We think students will gain valuable insights into the areas of leadership and project management from these two new courses”.

Robert Judd, Program Director – Project Management, UC Berkeley Extension

“The initial response of our delegates was extremely positive, they were very much encouraged. The presentation was well paced with a sense of humor and anecdotal style – Gopal Kapur is excellent at what he does.”

John Post, Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Technology, Fidelity Investments

“If you’re looking for the best solution for your company’s intricate business problems or have any project management needs then Raj and the Center for Project Management is an organization that I would HIGHLY recommend. They used a very unique approach to diagnose and assist with implementing a very successful project management process in our organization. I would use their services again and again.”

John Gholson, PMP, Senior Project Manager, Service Master

“It’s been several years since I worked with Raj but I still find myself referring to the things I learned from him on a regular basis. Unlike other consulting or vendor relationships, Raj was more like a trusted partner than a vendor. I was always impressed with his integrity, humor and way of teaching and training. Most importantly, Raj’s advice was always practical, actionable and sensible. No ivory tower academic theory, Raj deals in practical application of knowledge. I really hope to have the chance to work with him again in the future.”

Gretchen Peters, PMP, Senior Project Manager at Accredo Health

“Raj and Center for Project Management did a wonderful job of developing and delivered a customized project management course for a group of high potential employees participating in a general management program. Center for Project Management worked with us to skillfully scope and nuance the course in less than a month and then delivered it in a flexible format that met our needs. I recommend the Center for Project Management for anyone serious about making PM a discipline within your organization.”

Seth Moeller, Director Leadership Development, Fidelity Investments

“I’ve interacted with Raj and consultants from the Center for Project Management (CPM) on multiple occasions, and recommend their services. The project management methodology they developed is practical and useful. Their project management training courses provide valuable content in an efficient manner. The project management consulting advice I received from CPM was helpful and timely, and enabled me to skillfully navigate numerous project issues. Raj has exceptional people skills. He is very good at uncovering business issues and providing solutions to address them.”

Susan Newman, Project Manager, Rambus

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