Is it Alive? Read the Project Vital Signs

Duration: 60 Minutes

PDUs: 1

CEUs: .1


  • Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Team Members
  • Individual Contributors

  • Classroom Delivery

Virtual Delivery


Everybody’s reading the vital signs of their systems: pilots, surgeons, mechanics, and money managers.
Every industry has its method of checks and counter-checks to ensure successful completion of their projects—except us!

Many project managers do use a metric known as “percent complete,” which is an insidious vital sign at best. To aid project managers in this arena, this session will discuss a highly effective eighteen-point plan for monitoring project vital signs.

In the same way as a physician monitors the vital signs of a patient, so project managers can use project vital signs to assume direct responsibility for monitoring, reporting, and taking action to correct project management problems.

Failure to do so will prevent decision-makers from taking timely actions, forcing emergency teams to be called in to perform crisis management on projects that may already be comatose.