Risk: We Have Met the Enemy and It Is Us

Duration: 60 Minutes

PDUs: 1

CEUs: .1


  • Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Team Members
  • Individual Contributors

  • Classroom Delivery

Virtual Delivery


Risk is exposure to perils that can adversely impact the project. Most projects carry some degree of risk. Specifically, there is a strong possibility that some emergencies will arise and that the project manager and team members will be distracted from the planned path of action.

Most conventional risk management processes focus on “external” risks (i.e., risks arising from vendors, technology, economy, and other extraneous factors). However, “internal” risks are often ignored, which results in last-minute actions that add extra effort, cost, and duration to the project and drive down the quality of the end product.

The solution lies in foresight and pre-planning. This session will provide insight into managing the often ignored, but volatile, internal project risks.