The Road to Project Hell is Paved With Exact Estimates

Duration: 60 Minutes

PDUs: 1

CEUs: .1


  • Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Team Members
  • Individual Contributors

  • Classroom Delivery

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We are routinely asked to develop estimates for projects that may last only a few weeks or many years.
Development of realistic and defendable estimates is a crucial point in any project lifecycle, because with this task the project manager sets expectations of functionality, cost, time, and quality. Ironically, few professionals have formal education in the art and science of estimating.

A good estimate establishes a level of professional confidence between the customer and the project manager, conveying to the customer the feeling that the estimates are fair.

Most project managers do not do this well; they typically estimate-to-please. To add to this misery, customers want an exact estimate, which is the ultimate oxymoron.

This session will describe the proven steps for developing accurate, realistic, and defensible estimates.