Vendor Methodology Certification Program

Outsourced project services, when managed effectively, can deliver substantial value to the organization. However, without adequate oversight and management of this operating model, the vendor can often end up managing the customer, resulting in lower than expected benefits.

In many environments, the client organization lacks a defined project management process, and has not set common, measurable project metrics for their outsourcing partners.

An accelerator for driving value from strategic outsourcing is the deployment of a client-side, project management process which is also used by the outsourced project service provider.

Requiring your vendors to learn and certify their knowledge of your organization’s project management processes improves service levels, ensures expectations are met, and matures the retained organization.

The Center’s Vendor Methodology Certification Program (VMCP) assures your project management and project delivery vendors’ resources are:

  • Formally trained on your project management methodology
  • Certified on your project management methodology
  • ‘Speaking’ the same project language, using the same tools, templates, and techniques as internal customers
  • Reporting project status using the same project metrics and reporting standards utilized within your organization

VMCP Components

  • Accelerated methodology training for vendor professionals
  • Web based methodology certification exam for vendor professionals


  • Measuring vendor performance is simplified and standardized
  • Enables consistent project and portfolio dashboard reporting
  • Enables consistent demand management, prioritization and resource forecasting
  • Enhances project service levels
  • Supports enterprise project management maturity
  • The Center for Project Management delivers all training and certification services
  • Professionals who successfully complete the VMCP are awarded a certification and earn PDUs