Gopal K. Kapur

Gopal K. Kapur, founder of the Center for Project Management®, consults, writes and educates in both the public and private sector as a noted authority on business and project management. Mr. Kapur has been developing innovative strategies for providing management solutions to organizations of all sizes and disciplines, which not only help meet the challenges of today’s business landscape, but address the changes imperative to organizational longevity.

Through consultation at every level of an organization, Mr. Kapur empowers individuals to achieve optimum performance. Mr. Kapur’s unique rapport with all echelons of corporate players, from the CEO to the end user, has armed him with the insight necessary to provide practical solutions to a wide variety of management problems. Many Fortune 500 companies have adopted Kapur’s highly successful Project Process ArchitectureÔ which provides a practical strategy for managing portfolios, programs, and projects to success.

He has lectured at Harvard University, Commonwealth Club, the National Press Club, University of California (Berkeley, Riverside, and Davis), and The Brookings Institution. His keynote addresses and speeches have won him prestigious awards, both in the United States and abroad. He was honored as “Best Speaker” at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard, PMI conferences (San Diego, Vancouver, and Toronto), and Technology Leadership Conferences.

His highly acclaimed third book, “Project Management for Information, Technology, Business, and Certification,” was published by Prentice Hall. He also authored two computer-programming textbooks (IBM 360 Assembler Language Programming, John Wiley & Sons, Programming in Standard COBOL, SRA, Inc.). Mr. Kapur’s articles have appeared in publications worldwide. His white papers and research are utilized by Gartner Group, Forrester Group, CIO magazine, CIO Insight, and Computerworld. He has recorded several segments of Gartner Group’s Talking Technology including the highly popular Seven Deadly Sins of Project Management, and the CXO radio. Mr. Kapur authored the monthly column, ProjectExpert, for CIO Decisions.

Mr. Kapur graduated summa cum laude (Gold Medal) with a diploma in Civil Engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, India. He was awarded the Distinguished Achievement Award for his contributions to education by the President of India. Mr. Kapur is a member of the Harvard Policy Group, Project Management Institute, Rotary Club, and served as a trustee for the Charles Babbage Foundation.

Ten years ago he and his wife Darlene created Light1Candle, a program that supports the operation of a girls’ orphanage and school tuition for poor bright children in Patiala, Punjab, India. His hobby is cooking, which he uses to raise funds for various charities. His food columns appear in three California newspapers. He and his wife are the creators of an innovative green living program