Methodology Services

Methodology Implementation

A primary goal of a project management methodology (not to be confused with a product development lifecycle) is to provide a common standard throughout an organization. This ensures that projects of varying types, sizes, and complexity are conducted in a consistent and disciplined manner.  The Project Process Architecture® is designed to meet that primary goal. Our implementation service includes:

    1. Assessing current processes

    2. Customizing specific PPA® processes tools to best reflect the environment

    3. Implementing change management to overcome organizational resistance

    4. Delivering a PPA® based training program to sponsors, managers, and team members

    5. Developing and delivering a PPA® pilot program based on selected key projects

    6. Refining PPA® processes and tools based on feedback from the pilot

Custom Methodology

Special needs and circumstances sometimes demand a custom project management methodology. We can address the unique needs of an organization by developing a specifically designed project management methodology.  Our custom methodology services include:

    1. Assessing current processes to determine gaps

    2. Designing a unique project management methodology

    3. Designing and building project management templates to support the methodology

    4. Implementing a change management approach to address organizational resistance

    5. Delivering a training program to project sponsors, managers, and team members

    6. Delivering a methodology pilot program applied to key projects in the portfolio

    7. Refining processes and tools based on feedback from the pilot