Managing Projects to Success

Duration: 3 Days

PDUs: 21

CEUs: 2.1


  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Members

Methodology Tools:


  • Classroom Delivery

  • Virtual Delivery


This workshop provides foundational learning in what it takes to manage projects successfully. Instruction is focused on application of the Project Process Architecture™, a tested, proven, and repeatable process for managing projects from concept to successful delivery.

The hallmark of this workshop is its practical, hands-on instruction. The workshop is highly interactive, offering classroom exercises for each major topic. Work is guided by a series of templates that are used not only in the classroom, but are an essential element in deployment and use of the PPA™ in the workplace.

The “take-away” content of this workshop is high. Students will not only understand the principles and practices that make for successful projects, they will know how to apply those principles and practices in the workplace.


  • To provide each student with a basic understanding of successful project management principles and practices
  • To provide each student with the know-how to apply those principles and practices on their projects.


Recognize the critical importance of having a clear, shared understanding of the project at the outset, as accomplished in the PPA™ Pre-Launch Stage.

  • Learn how to compose a comprehensive project charter:
  • A basic description of the project
  • The nature of the project and its business value
  • Objectives, assumptions and constraints
  • How the project is linked to other projects and activities
  • Early scope concepts
  • How success will be measured
  • Warning signs to watch for as the project is executed.
  • Identify the project stakeholders and determine their priorities and their impact on the project.
  • Assess the complexity of the project in both business and technical dimensions
  • Prepare a preliminary scope statement
  • Understand the pivotal importance of a well-prepared project charter. The charter is the decision document that authorizes the project to move into detailed planning, and designates the project manager

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