Managing Projects to Success

Learn how to build a comprehensive and effective project plan, accomplished in the PPA™ Launch Stage, to include:

  • The construction of a “work breakdown structure”
  • The construction of a “network diagram,” connecting tasks to show their logical relationships
  • Critical path analysis, “crashing,” and “fast-tracking” to meet project requirements
  • When building a prototype might be the best approach
  • Scope management plan
  • Project staffing plan
  • Change management plan
  • Development and application of a communications management plan
  • The development of realistic, “detailed,” “bottom-up” estimates of the effort, duration, and budget
  • Calibrating estimates based on resource assignments

Learn how to manage the execution of the project, to a successful conclusion using the project plan, as accomplished in the PPA™ Execute Stage; including:

  • The development of a project schedule
  • The conduct of reviews of progress against the baseline plan
  • Tracking the progress of the project
  • Tracking the project’s health using “Vital signs”
  • Continuously monitoring and updating risks to the project

Learn how to formally close the project, as accomplished in the PPA™ Implement Stage

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