Basic Project Management

Duration: 2 Days

PDUs: 14

CEUs: 1.4


  • Team Members

Methodology Tools:

  • Classroom Delivery

  • Virtual Delivery


As the saying goes, “A chain is as strong as its weakest link.” Most organizations only offer their project management education and training to project managers.

However, the professionals who do most of the tactical work – the team members—are typically left out.

A common explanation for this is that the average project team member does not need to be taught the fundamentals of effective project management. The end result can be summarized as: highly trained captains with poorly trained troops. Organizations intent on delivering world-class products must educate the entire project team. This course delivers the education designed to equip you with the tools and techniques to be a high-value project team member.


  • Provide each student with a basic understanding of successful project management principles and practices
  • Provide each student with the know-how to apply those principles and practices on their projects
  • Basics of an implementation plan
  • Learn the basic vocabulary of project management
  • Gain an understanding of how to develop a project’s objectives
  • Identify stakeholders and assess their impact on the project
  • Develop a comprehensive work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Create a comprehensive task network diagram
  • Identify the resources required for the project
  • Compute the critical path
  • Document project issues
  • Define project metrics
  • Identify project risks
  • Overview of task-based estimating techniques
  • Basics of progress reporting
  • Basics of scheduling