Life by Meetings

Duration: 1 Days

PDUs: 7

CEUs: .7


  • Project Managers
  • Team Members

  • Classroom Delivery

  • Virtual Delivery


This workshop equips project managers and team members with the fundamental skills and tools required for efficient, effective meeting management.  Research shows that up to 30 percent of all project meetings are inefficient, ineffective, or both.  The impact of this in project-driven environments is immense, and the benefits of building capability in meeting management are significant.

The workshop is extremely hands-on, with many practice opportunities, as well as practical take-aways such as tools, job aids, and meeting tactics.  In addition, participants self-assess based on a specific inventory of behaviors/practices to identify personal improvement actions.


  • Build the skills, knowledge and discipline to create, facilitate, and participate effectively in all types of project meetings
  • Equip participants with the tools to execute our best-practice project meeting architecture: Formulate, Facilitate and Follow-Through™
  • Recognize the critical importance of having a disciplined approach to meeting planning and execution
  • Learn how to formulate a meeting for success:
    • Trouble shoot typical issues with project meetings
    • Determine if a meeting is necessary
    • Identify the correct meeting membership
    • Define the goals and intended outcomes of the meeting
    • Assign functions and roles
    • Determine the optimal meeting cycle across the life of a project or set of projects
  • Develop and deliver effective pre-meeting communication
  • Learn how to guide and manage project meetings through skillful facilitation
    • Ensure valuable, concise conversations
    • Deal with difficult situations and disruptive behaviors
    • Apply group process techniques to keep the meeting on-track while maintaining a positive team dynamic
    • Conduct real-time meeting process debriefs to drive continuous improvement of meeting effectiveness
  • Learn how to stage successful execution between project meetings with key follow-through practices
    • Ensure agreements and role clarity on tasks
    • Track action items to closure
    • Address “parking lot” issues
    • Tackle obstacles to disciplined execution between meetings
  • Make a personal commitment to actions that enable higher quality project meetings that you lead or attend
  • Utilize a universal meeting management framework
    • Three stages (Formulate, Facilitate, Follow-Through™)
    • Scalable to projects large and small
  • Learn what is necessary to dramatically increase the quality of project meetings
    • Practice on relevant project meeting topics and situations
    • Tools and techniques to support application in projects
    • Self-assessment of current skills/practices and identification of personal improvement areas
  • Renew commitment to a disciplined approach to meeting management in the project environment

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