Negotiating for Project Success

Duration: 1 Days

PDUs: 7

CEUs: .7


  • Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Team Members

  • Classroom Delivery

  • Virtual Delivery


This workshop provides a foundation in the process, skills, and tools of successful project negotiation.  The win-win negotiation approach is especially important and applicable in a project environment where ongoing relationships must remain strong to keep deliverables and timelines on track.

The workshop is extremely hands-on, with many project-related practice opportunities, as well as practical take-aways such as tools, job aids and specific project negotiation tactics. Participants receive real-time feedback about their skill level in simulated project negotiation scenarios. In addition, participants self-assess based on a specific inventory of key behaviors/practices to identify personal improvement actions.


  • Increase the ability of participants to conduct win-win project negotiations especially in terms of timelines, accountabilities, tasks, resources, and specifications
  • Be able to follow a four-part project negotiation process (do your homework, conduct discovery, negotiate, and evaluate)
  • Recognize the critical importance of adopting a win-win approach in project negotiations
  • Understand your own negotiation style and how to improve it
  • Identify your goals and constraints as you enter a negotiation
  • Develop your “walk-away” position
  • Diagnose the motivations and needs of others
  • Analyze a relationship or situation to determine the best project negotiation strategy
  • Use the core skills of listening, defusing emotions, and inquiry to stay on track to a win-win result
  • Demonstrate “conflict agility” when conversations get difficult in a negotiation
  • Utilize a project negotiation process template
  • Shift from win-lose to win-win negotiations by learning how to:
    • Recognize win-lose negotiation tactics
    • Apply countermeasures to win-lose manipulations
    • Regain or establish the trust required to enter a win-win zone
  • Commit to one personal development action that improves his/her ability to conduct win-win project negotiations