Management's 7 Deadly Sins

Duration: 60 Minutes

PDUs: 1

CEUs: .1


  • Executives
  • Sponsors
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Leaders

  • Classroom Delivery

Virtual Delivery


“. . . Twenty-five percent of projects fail and 45 percent are challenged, which means that they are delivered late, considerably over budget, and don’t deliver the promised value . . . ” (Center for Project Management ® research, January 15, 2009)

Organizations survive by transforming viable ideas into successful products and services in a timely and cost effective manner. Unfortunately for most, the results continue to hover between poor to dismal. Maintaining the status quo ensures continued cost overruns and failures. This fact is made all the more alarming because most of these failures are caused by the same few catastrophic management mistakes: the seven deadly sins.

Participants will come away with practical solutions to avoid these deadly sins, they will have the opportunity to assess themselves, and they will develop a personal “sin index.” They will even ask for absolution!