PPA Methodology

The Project Process Architecture™ (PPA™) is a flexible, scalable, enterprise wide project management process. The objective of the PPA™ is to enable project managers to move through the project at an accelerated pace, without sacrificing the key steps necessary to produce high quality results. Introduced to the market in 1985, the PPA has evolved to its present state through extensive use by clients in industries including information technology, banking, manufacturing, engineering, finance, health care, apparel, communications, and insurance.

PPA Solution Package

1. PPA Framework

2. PPA Toolset

3. PPA Principles and Guidelines

4. A training program designed for sponsors, practitioners, vendors and customers

5. Structured coaching activities for practical application

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  • Provides consistent process across all projects
  • Promotes self managed teams
  • Provides a common vocabulary
  • Provides standardized project Vital Signs
  • Drives efficient production of project management deliverables
  • Drives resource efficiency
  • Enables project to strategy linkage
  • Supports consistent “at-a-glance” assessment of organizational status and performance
  • Supports enterprise resource management for project and non project activity
  • Enables robust risk management
  • Aligned with PMBOK, Six Sigma, CMM, Agile, and RUP